A budding photographer's daily journey. Trying to find interesting subjects to test my skills in the art every day. Note that the pictures are full size and therefore will take a little while to load on slower connections if you click to "biggie" size them.


Day 205 – Model Look

Addison is developing quite the little model look for the camera.

Model Look


Day 204 – Beach Bum

My handsome boy enjoying some warmer weather.

Beach Bum

Day 203 – Movie Style

At a recent classic car show, this guy had restored these old drive in movie speakers and mounted them on this little stand. Talk about a throwback!

Movie Style

Day 202 – Cementing Support

There are a fleet of these cement trucks in the Chicagoland area. Cementing their support for Breast Cancer charities.

Cementing Support

Day 201 – Cooperman

I absolutely that my kids are growing up, getting to experience new thing with them, but one of the worst things is when they look really cute in certain things, like this little Nautica sweater. Unfortunately, it no longer fits!

Day 201-365(4)

Day 200 – 440 4 Barrel

Classic car show and a big 440 4 Barrel!

Day 200-365(4)

Day 199 – Fire Girl

We seem to have been spending a lot of time at the firehouse recently.

Fire Girl