A budding photographer's daily journey. Trying to find interesting subjects to test my skills in the art every day. Note that the pictures are full size and therefore will take a little while to load on slower connections if you click to "biggie" size them.

Animals & Insects

Day 211 – Ancient Carousel

This gorgeous old carousel is one of the attractions of the beach area, St Joseph’s Michigan.

Ancient Carousel


Day 206 – Peregrine Falcon

Least I think it is a Peregrine Falcon. Our local nature preserve has all sorts of cool things through the year. This is pat of their annual fall festival.

Peregrine Falcon

Day 186 – Hairy Bug

No idea what kind of bug this is, maybe my bug expert Joe Balynas will know. I just know it was some kind of caterpillar cruising around on my front step!

Hairy Bug

Day 166 – Seagull Poseur

This guy waited and waited a I got closer to get a good shot.

Seagull Poseur!

Day 134 – Bald Eagle

Majestic bird, caged due to being injured by a hunter.

Bald Eagle

Day 131 – Brown Mama

bear, another capture from the wildlife center.

Brown Mama

Day 130 – Moose Loose

Aboot This Hoose! These fellas are carzy scary on the road. Unfortunately we never saw one in the wild, but this guy at the wildlife center was a sight to behold.

Moose Loose