A budding photographer's daily journey. Trying to find interesting subjects to test my skills in the art every day. Note that the pictures are full size and therefore will take a little while to load on slower connections if you click to "biggie" size them.

Day 189 – Another Project

I haven’t really had much time to take pictures recently, too many projects around the house. I wrapped up another one tonight. Does anyone know if propane is corrosive to metal, oes it contain water, etc? The reason I ask is that I have taken pretty good car of my grill, cover it very winter, clean it, etc, but look at these pictures of the inside, multiple cracks/breaks on the actual burners, rusted heat tents and rusted out mounts.

All done now, replaced the burners and the mount for them, and some new adjustable heat tents, all courtesy of Amazon, new grill ~$500, new parts less than $100; bargain!Another Project Another Project Another Project Another Project


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